Forsaken Forest

I've finally reached the forest. Its cold and forsaken. Its presence is heavy, creating a pit in my stomach. The details of that site dominated my mind. "You will try to escape, but you will sink deeper. It might be a gateway to hell, but that's contested." I hopped out of my car and proceeded into the woods. A bitter and frigid feeling saturates the air. I walk deeper and deeper. I'm being drawn deeper. Its as if these woods are alive. Its as if there is force leading me to something. The sky grows darker and temperature is dropping. A thick layer of darkness develops, forcing me to use a flashlight. I've gone so far, there's no point in turning back. I know I can't give up, but I'm lossing hope. Suddenly, a small beam of light shoots by me. I aim my light towards the source. It generates a glistening glare of light. My eyes lit up-its a MIRROR! Finally, I've done it. But I feel like the nightmare has just begun.