The Journey

The site...It has coordinates or clues. "A lush, yet barren forest. Deep within it, you'll find a door laid in the middle of an outcrop of rock. The door is lying flat on the floor. It will be in mint condition. If you make the decision to open it, there will be a mirror. Touch it and you will cross over. If not, then back up and leave."

Intresting. Where is this forest? What does it mean "crossover"? Where am I crossingover to? What awaits me? I must know! A lush forest...that's barren. Oh my God, I know! A lush yet barren forest! Its as if, it spoke to me. It seductively whispered my name, drawing me even closer. So beautiful. Finally, an answer to my question.

I packed all the food I could. I filled my car up with gas as well as a few extra jerry cans. I hit the damn road. Adrenaline flooded my veins as I drew ever closer. I could feel an unbeatable sense of dopamine! It was truely like none other! Mile after mile, day after day. After 2 weeks of driving and drifting from sketchy motels, I did it. I found the forest. It is time.